Hi folks…my website is fairy updated but I can’t say I have a bunch of new stuff to give to you. To be quite honest, I’m going through my dark side of life. I haven’t been updating this website because I’m not actually being a giving and productive person of society. Everyone goes through it…it’s my turn. Cheers!



Saturday, April 30, 2016
2 shows
6:00pm & 9:00pm Lexington Village Theatre Lexington, MI
Best of the Babes Tues, Wed SEPT 2016 6:00pm Ponte Vedra Ponta Vedra, FL



Deirdre Flint: member of The four bitchin’ babes. Teacher with MSEd from Penn. BA from CUA. Professor of college english in S. Korea. Substitute teacher in Philadelphia, PA

LIKES: pasta, italian greyhounds, 70s-80s music,custom made plaids, Project Runway, “24”, anything korean (esp the food) ¬†adobe products, mummers

DISLIKES: gum cracking, bowhards, Apple products