Deirdre Flint is a Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter. She writes songs about the trials of being an introvert, the Failed Metric Coup of 1975, horrendous bridesmaids dresses and all the warped and wonderful experiences of adolescence.

After sixteen years of Catholic Schooling, Deirdre finally went secular and received her Masters Degree in Elementary Education from The University of Pennsylvania. She’s taught elementary school in California, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Deirdre is currently 25% of The Four Bitchin' Babes. She plays guitar, piano and a Daisy Rock heart-shaped bass in the band. They are touring with their latest CD and show, "Midlife Vices."

Deirdre’s music has been heard on World Café, Gene Shay’s Folk Show, TLC’s A Dating Story, TLC’s Documentary “Always a Bridesmaid,” BBC’s The Reclaimers, Nip/Tuck, The Dr. Demento Show, as well as a smattering of radio stations that you find down on the left hand side of the dial



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